Procedure – Incision are made in the hairline behind and in front of the ears and in the hairline above the nape of the neck. A facelift is either a single procedure, or in combination with a forehead lift, eyelid surgery, or nose correction. A good facelift can make you look ten years younger. However, patients should not expect to look exactly like they did in earlier photos. The results persist for about 8 years, after which a surgical correction may be necessary. Nowadays great results are achievable using new techniques such as SMAS and endoscopy. The SMAS technique is used to correct and smoothen facial muscles, resulting in a longer lasting, natural young look. Endoscopic facelifts are used to make precise corrections, cause minimal scarring and provide the best possible results.

Duration – 2.5 hours

Anesthesia – General or local anesthetic

Hospital Stay – stay one to two days.

Risks and side effects – This is a surprisingly complex operation and there’s risk of damage to the fine nerves that work the facial muscles. Other side effects may be poor healing, excessive scarring, hematoma, blistering of skin (may lead to permanent scarring), weak facial muscles (usually temporary), permanent numbness (risk is less than 1%), and asymmetry or change in hairline.

Physical work/sports may be resumed after several weeks of rest. Any sort of physical activity that raises the blood pressure should be avoided. Excessive exposure to the sun should be avoided at all costs for the first few months