Browlift Surgery

Who do we recommend this web site for? Everybody who thinks good appearance and comfort is important, or those who just want to change their appearance. We can provide help with these matters with our high standard services and low prices.

Have you ever thought: “If only I looked a bit different, if only I were more beautiful”? Stop dreaming, make your dreams a reality! The beauty industry is no longer the privilege of the rich; our service makes it affordable for everybody to have minor cosmetic treatments or even major plastic surgery. Any decision concerning our body or health requires careful consideration, choices must not be made in a hurry.

We will to try and provide the best advice for making the right decision. The aim of this website is to inform you about the services of the clinic represented by our company, which has an impressive medical history. To this date, thousands of cosmetic operations have been performed at our clinic. Our patients include some of the country’s leading economic pioneers, politicians and artists.

Before Slovakia joined the EU our foreign patients mostly came from Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Since Slovak Republic became a member of the EU there has been a boom in the number of patients coming from the UK, Ireland and other countries. No wonder, since our surgeons provide high quality for low prices. We also proud ourselves in having a native English speaking staff who provide overall and complete service packages for the patients from arrival to departure.

The high standard of brow lift services – Putting aside national pride and commitment, we have to say that the technical and professional standards of cosmetic surgery clinics operating in other countries of the European Union are equal to and frequently exceed the British average. Brow lift surgeons all have specialist qualification in their fields and their qualifications are accepted in the UK as well. Not to mention the fact that more and more plastic surgeons have had professional practice in British hospitals and clinics. With the advancement and international expansion of modern medical science and biotechnology the most state-of-the-art equipment and instruments have become available and affordable for every brow lift surgery clinic. The equipment of plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics operating in the EU which we represent passes the most stringent quality requirements. Almost one hundred percent of the people who decide to have Face lift surgery feel that they made the most important and best decision of their lives. The patients who had cosmetic surgery have an improved self-esteem, they are more confident, and feel healthier and happier. So it is worthwhile to continue reading through our website! The numbers speak for themselves. In the UK there were 640 000 plastic surgery operations in 2013 that is 40 % more than in 2009 and 240 % more than in 2001. So why shouldn’t you have brow lift surgery? Contact our staff and ask for a quote. Not only can you make your dreams reality, but save a significant amount of money doing so, while enjoying the beauty of Slovakia and the hospitality of our staff. Then you can return home refreshed and renewed, feeling proud of making your decision.