Procedure – The purpose of this procedure is to make your forehead and brows look better. The idea is to reshape saggy, droopy eye brows and lids, and decrease wrinkling of the forehead. The conventional method of performing a brow lift is by incising around the hair line. The muscles are then tightened on the forhead or even partially removed to give a smoother and younger look. A second method which is less invasive can be performed using an endoscope as a surgical tool: small incisions are made which will allow the surgeon to insert the endoscope. A brow lift is usually done in together with a face lift to give the patient an overall refreshed look.

Duration – from 1,5 to 2 hours.

Anethesia – general anesthesia.

Hospital stay – patients can leave the same day or have to stay 1 night

Risks and side effects – In rare cases the nerves can be damaged above the eyes, on both sides or just above one eye. Scar formation is rare, but it is a possible complication which should be considered. The scar can be removed which will result in a smaller scar. Along the hair line where the incisions were made, the hair may begin to fall out. This is not reversible. Temporary sensation loss is possible, most of the time sensation is regained, but rarely it could become permanent.

Physical work/sports may be resumed after several weeks of rest. Any sort of physical activity that raises the blood pressure should be avoided. Excessive exposure to the sun should be avoided at all costs for the first few months