Consultation before your travel

Advice – After you’ve contacted us, you will receive a welcome e-mail in which includes your registration number. You will be asked to provide us with details regarding your requirements and expectations from the procedure. You will be informed about the medical procedure and risks, and provided with information regarding any other subject you inquired about. The first stage of communication will be done via e-mails. When the brow lift surgeons receive the information they require, they will initiate a consultation by phone. This consultation, together with your photos, is almost equal to a personal examination. Based on the results of the phone consultation we will send you a final quote for the brow lift operation. If you approve the quote, we will commence preparation for your travel.

Consultation by phone.

If you have results of blood tests and ECG test, send some pictures of the body part you want to have altered and you can consult our doctors by phone. Your questions will be answered by the surgeons in detail.

Travel preparations – Having established your requirements we will build your schedule, find flight tickets and make accommodation reservations, and the brow lift surgeon will start the medical preparations. After completion of the preparation period you will receive a detailed schedule. It will contain the names and contact numbers of the clinic’s staff, the name and phone number of your personal assistant, the address and phone number of the hotel and the clinic, your flight number and details, the place and time of the examinations, the operation itself and the post-op check ups, etc. If you confirm your schedule, all you need is to book your flight and you are ready to start your travel toward your destination.